Specialist counsellors and psychotherapists from associated specific professional groups work in partnership with “What’s Out There” to assist with the individual needs of the young people.




Learning to adapt to change, feeling secure, resolve conflict and reaching an acceptance of their situation is difficult for some young people to achieve

We aim to facilitate young people to achieve change and help them to come to terms  with their difficulties and begin to take responsibility for themselves.


Therapeutic help is available to all young people according to their need. The type and amount of help given will be informed by continuous assessment and agreed by the professionals concerned, alongside the young person's unique set of issues and their ability to articulate them.


Any therapeutic intervention identified, will clearly be agreed with the Local Authority.


All counsellors and therapists who undertake work for What’s Out There will adhere to agreed guidelines for confidentiality, within, of course, accepted safeguarding procedures governing disclosure of information.


Part of the work that we at What’s Out There undertake is based on our belief that developing real, meaningful relationships with the young people will provide the greatest opportunity to be able to help move them forward in their lives


We value young people’s interests and views, but balance this by setting clear boundaries and focusing on the young person’s strengths, skills and qualities.