Focus on values which underline quality of life and are founded in privacy, dignity, independence, choice, rights and fulfilment;


Ensure the privacy of our young people is respected and that our team members are sensitive to individual matters;

Ensure all our young people create a personal and private space in their own bedrooms;

At What's Out There, we appreciate the unique qualities of each young person and are committed to a holistic approach which strives to maximise achievement in every aspect of a young person's life.


We aim to meet the needs of our young people in an environment that is aware and considerate to cultural and religious needs, and to ensure our accommodation and care are of a good standard.

At What's Out There, all young people will experience the Continuous Curriculum; an environment which, we believe, not only offers young people a wide range of learning opportunities, but helps them to appreciate the possibilities in everything they do.


Young people are provided with formal education via a virtual learning environment, enhanced by learning experiences outside of the formal setting, through a programme of activities and courses.  All team members play an equally important role in the young person's development.


At What's Out There, we believe that our young people should have access to the same range of activities and experiences as other young people of the same age.  We will support young people to ensure that success, when achieved, is celebrated and confidence built upon.



Help young people develop a sense of pride by enabling them to care for their own and wider environment;


Ensure things are done “with” rather than “for” the young person;

Encourage independence, by increasing the young person's skill base and their motivation towards caring for themselves. motivation of self-help skills;


Primvm non nocere : Do No Harm; our first principle;