What's Out There is the culmination of many years working with young people with emotional and/or behavioural difficulties.  Here at What's Out There, we believe that all young people have the potential to change and develop. We are committed to providing young people with the quality of opportunity they need to help them realise their potential.


Who We Are

We support young people with emotional and/or behavioural difficulties, by providing safe, structured and nurtured care.  We believe that the more varied the experiences we can offer, the more opportunities young people will have to develop a thirst for life-long learning.


How We Help

Having positive and meaningful relationships with each young person is at the centre of everything we do, as is our first principle: Do No Harm.


We recruit and develop a professional staff team, who share our commitment to providing high quality services that place the young people at the very centre of everything we do.


We proactively support young people in their individual programme of care and education which is designed around an outdoor education curriculum.  The education of young people is the key to their success and huge emphasis is placed on young people gaining from informal education to support their formal learning.  This is achieved by making links between the activities and experiences we offer, into their formal education.


Our Vision

Every young person is unique, and each has the ability to succeed in achieving their full potential.


We believe that low expectations only result in under achievement and limited aspirations.  Therefore, we must have the highest expectations of the young people in our care and will always challenge them to "aim high".